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The release of Samsung Galaxy S3 has been making headlines nowadays. It is said that it is the most powerful smartphone currently in the world, even iPhone 5 will not be able to compete with the power of Galaxy S3.Samsung is claiming that over 10 million pre orders have been received before even the release of their flagship mobile phone. Galaxy S3’s price (which will be discussed later in the article) is not the price which looks like the price of a high end smartphone. But still it’s not very cheap, so we will find out if this phone deserves to be bought by spending so much hard earned money. In this article we will discuss Samsung Galaxy S3 from all the angles so that you will have a clear image of the potential of this smartphone.

Design: Sleek, Stylish and You will Love the Colors!
Let us start with the design. The design of Samsung galaxy S3 is playing an important role in its sale. According to Samsung it is a nature inspired smartphone. When you first hold S3, the nature theme is there which allows you to choose between different backgrounds including “Marble White” and “Pebble Blue”.
The dimensions of the smartphone are 136.6 x 78.6 x 8.6mm. It is a large device with a Super AMOLED HD screen of 4.8 inches. 4.8 inches is reasonable screen size for a powerful device like Galaxy S3. If we look at the back cover then as always its plastic but keep in mind that it is not ordinary plastic which gives cheap feeling on holding like of some other Galaxy Devices. It is made up of polycarbonate which is far better than the ordinary plastic. When the back cover is removed to look at the interior, it is found to well adjusted and packed. I would like to add before concluding the design section that you will feel the same sensation which you felt after using the Samsung Galaxy S2 for the first time.

Interface: Android 4.0 is Fast and Beautiful!

All of the Galaxy fans will know that Galaxy S3 is running on the latest Android 4.0 named as ice cream sandwich. The interface is basically the same but with changes and improvements. The main improvement is the speed. The lag with which android users were used to is not there even if multiple apps are running at the same time. Here I would like to mention that this smartphone wakes up from sleep in absolutely no time which shows the improvement in speed.
Secondly the lock screen method and design has been changed. When you touch the screen you will notice a little water drop under your finger on the screen and when unlocking the screen you will hear the sound of a drop falling in water. The whole process is simply very pleasing but with time it gets irritating and turning off the sound will not be a bad option. Applications can also be accessed from the lock screen of your phone by drawing gestures.

Camera: More than Enough But not Pro!

The camera fitted in the device is 8 mega pixels. If we look at the smartphone market then it seems like 8mp is a bit less than required but if you look at the situation like this that why will anyone need a camera more than this in their phone? I am not saying that 12mp is not that good, 12 mp is quiet good and in my opinion there is no need to fit a camera more than required like the one fitted in Nokia Lumia 900 (41mp camera). However, if you think you can use it for professional purposes, think again! Buddy photo share, Burst Mode and Face zoom are some of the main features.
Features: Powerful Processor with Adequate Memory!
Camera, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi are the essential features of any smartphone, which we already know are present in the Galaxy S III. It has a powerful processor of 1.4GHz working under the hood which makes the processing of functions very speedy and lag free. It is available in 16/32 and 64 GB built in memories which can be extended by adding an extra 64 GB with the help of external SD card. Internet is also quiet fast due the EDGE capability. Other features include FM Radio as well.

Final Verdict and Price: Less than Expected!

Sometimes, along with other metrics, the overall sale of any product or service can give strong hints about the quality and usability of that particular product. The South Korean vendor has flaunted their 79% boost in sales, which has fetched them $5.9 billion in terms of profit in a short period of 3 months, not just that, but they also suggested they expect to see further increase in sales and are looking forward to sell 19 million unites by September, their all time high.
The graph and statistics above draw a picture, which proves that S3 is a popular choice as of now, and it’s not merely based on hyper marketing, but the gadget is actually very sleek, however, the only the only segment where it lacks is its size, well to me at least!
As far price is concerned, Samsung had held a launching event in Lahore earlier in June and put a price tag of Rs. 62,000/-
Even though the country’s economy is weak and affordability is iffy, but if you want to shell out some pretty without waiting for the launch of iPhone 5, then S3 is probably one of your best bet as of now

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