Sunday, 9 September 2012

Google Adsense Requirements and Fast Approval Tips

Google Adsense Requirements:

  • One of the basic thing you need to open Adsense account is the ID card which of course is given to only 18+ individuals. So if your age is below 18 years than you cannot participate in this program unless you apply on behalf of your parents.
  • Make sure you have a running website or blog otherwise Google will not approve your application if you have under-construction website.
  • Creating a website is not a big thing to do, the real problem is to get traffic and that too from search engines so if your blog has very less traffic than wait few months and than apply for Adsense.
  • Your website should be according to the Terms and Conditions of Google like no adult content, warez, gambling sites, Hacking and hate spreading websites.

Google Adsense Fast Approval Tips.

  • The best way to create Google Adsense account in Pakistan is to first create your own website or blog and than apply for it. There are lots of other third party websites through which you can apply for Google Adsense account but the chances are that you account will not approve or if it approves than your account may not be safe and Google may ban your account in future.
  • Unfortunately after so many people are selling Adsense accounts via fraud methods, Google is now only approving accounts for people who have blog or website registered more than 6 months old. I don’t understand why people are buying Adsense account when they create their own account free of cost. Creating Adsense account is a piece of cake and any one can apply for it with his or her blog.
  • The best idea would be to buy your own top level domain and webhosting and than install WordPress on it. You can go with blogger too but make sure that redirect your blogger blog to top level domain as it looks more professional. After creating your blog write 10 to 20 unique and quality articles related to your blog niche.
  • Now the next step would be to bring traffic on your blog. You have to optimize your blog for search engines so that your website will get organic traffic. But at the same time you can bring traffic from social media websites like Facebook, twitter etc.
  • In some countries like India, Pakistan and China Google mainly accepts applications of website with more than 6 months of domain registration. But it not a hard and fast rule. If you are passionate and have different but unique ideas than Google may approve your account early as well.
  • Also make sure that your blog have About Us, Contact Us and Privacy Policy pages with Google Adsense Dart Cookie should be mention in the policy.
  • You blog should have clear navigation and all parts of your blog should be easily accessible from your main page.


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