Saturday, 3 February 2018

How to reduce your native android app APK size

This may not be as big of a concern for developers but users have limited space available on their phones and they will always prefer apps that take less space. It's very important that the apps we develop are  space efficient. Lesser the space better are the chances of users engaging with your app. Else, regardless of  how much value your app provides, a normal user will always uninstall it after his use. As a developer, you should keep your app's optimized for both space and performance.

The motivation for writing this article was my own personal experience.  My app which I first developed on a hybrid platform(intel xdk) took 23mb space with some very basic features. For the obvious reason, I didn't published that version and wrote it completely on native java code. This turned out to be great as result was worth doing it. I was able to have the same app with apk size of 5mb.

Few months earlier, while I was  thinking to add some few more features in my app, the concern about apk size was still in my mind and I didn't wanted it to exceed despite adding 3-4 new features. This was quite a challenge I had. I went through the few online guides and google's own tips for reducing apk size and result after applying some techniques was great.  APK size after addition of 3-4 major features was : 2.48 mb. In this article, I will be sharing tips on how you can reduce your apk size and also some side tips that can ease things out for you in developing apps.

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